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As the Internet of things grows, and our homes become increasingly smart, more and more appliances that boast connectivity are becoming within reach of the average household. Washing machines are a great example of that. They are still at the higher end of the market, but with the amazing benefits they bring, more people are choosing to invest. Our overall best pick, the Samsung High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with AddWash Door, comes with the ability for remote control and monitoring and gives you alerts when your washing is complete. With these benefits and more, we've found some of the best smart washers to suit your needs.
Best Overall: Samsung High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with AddWash Door

Samsung's more affordable smart option is its 4.5 cubic feet capacity washing machine with the option of Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to hook up to the Samsung Smart Things App. This washer can easily handle a king-size comforter. Looks-wise, it comes in traditional white or this handsome black stainless steel that boasts a practical, fingerprint-resistant finish.

Features of note are its ability to wash a full load in as little as 36 minutes when on the "Super Speed" setting, and a stream treatment option that releases steam from the bottom of the tub for improved saturation. This steam functionality works well to really deep clean clothing with positive reviews from hundreds who have been pleased with the results.

This machine is an excellent choice for families with kids as it boasts Samsung's Vibration Reduction Technology Plus. It has special sensors that keep even heavy loads balanced for quieter washing cycles, so you can get away with using it past bedtime.

We also love this machine's "AddWash" ability that allows you, after the cycle has started, to chuck in items you'd forgotten to include in the load. It's a lifesaver for the forgetful among us.

The smart functionality comes in with the ability to control and monitor this machine remotely. You can see the remaining cycle time, receive alerts when the cycle is finished, and schedule cycles. This is all done via your home's Wi-Fi network and the Android and iPhone Samsung Smart Things App.
Pros: AddWash functionality Super Speed setting Quiet operation Steam functionality Cons: No voice control No anti-allergen cycle Best Overall Samsung High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with AddWash Door

$1,000 at Best Buy

$1,080 at Home Depot

Swashing machine

With a decent companion app looking after the smart side of things, this machine also boasts capable tech on the washing front.
Best Value: Kenmore 41463 Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer with Accela Wash

The Kenmore 41463 is a budget-friendly option that will give you the most bang for your buck. It's 4.5 cubic feet capacity smart washing machine that works with the Kenmore Smart App, and can also be controlled using the Kenmore Smart Skill on the Amazon Alexa platform. It comes in a metallic silver finish. This machine has Kenmore's Accela Wash technology that, in the Express Wash setting, saves time by cleaning normal, full-sized loads in as little as 29 minutes.

The Kenmore 41463 has two great features to help keep your washing fresh. The "Stay Fresh" function will periodically turn the washer's barrel to stop wet clothes from going stagnant, a useful feature for busy families. The machine's "AirFlow Doorstop'' props the door open to help keep the inside of the washer fresh between loads.

This washer has some handy settings that can help you get the right result for your laundry. These include a Kids Wear setting with a higher temperature to get out stains, a Workout Wear that cares for high-tech fabrics, a Whitest Whites option that gives you the choice to dispense bleach into the washer, and a Cold Clean cycle that uses 55% less energy.

The companion Kenmore Smart app lets you monitor your wash's progress remotely and schedule the machine to start. Using the Kenmore Smart Skill, you can ask Alexa things like, "What is my washer doing?" as well as ask Alexa to start washes. Sitting right between the high and low-price range, this washing machine gives you the most value for the cost.
Pros: Stay Fresh function Good specialist cycles Voice control Energy-saving Cold Clean option Cons: No anti-allergen cycle No steam function Best Value Kenmore 41463 Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer with Accela Wash

$900 at Sears
Cool cleanser

A value-for-money choice for households on a budget, this option has strong features and smart tech controls for a fair price.
Best Hands-Free Operation: GE Smart Front Load Energy Star Washer with UltraFresh Vent System

GE offers a range of Wi-Fi-enabled smart laundry appliances. We like this mid-range, 4.8 cubic feet, front-loading model, available in a satin nickel finish. Its smart credentials come in with app control, and the ability to voice-control the machine with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Design-wise, this machine has a handy reversible door that gives you more flexibility as to where you can install it.

It also boasts some great general washing machine technology. It has GE's UltraFresh vent system with OdorBlock that stops excess moisture causing stale smells. It is a very popular feature, especially for any laundry left in the machine for too long. Your forgotten clothes will be free from the stagnant smell you would typically expect.

This model also gets SmartDispense tech; you can put in enough detergent for up to 32 loads, and then the machine dispenses the correct quantity each time you use it. There's a useful 20-minute Quick Wash cycle to clean lightly soiled items rapidly.

GE's SmartHQ app lets you remotely control and monitor this washing machine, receive alerts and real-time notifications. Also, you can control the appliance hands-free with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This machine is described as very easy to use by satisfied owners. Even buyers who weren't sure they wanted smart connectivity have reported no issues with set-up and use.

Rounding up this machine's feature set is Microban antimicrobial technology built-in its components, Dynamic Balancing Technology making for quieter washes, PowerSteam deep penetration, and a "Sanitize + Allergen" cycle to kill common bacteria and allergens.
Pros: 20-minute Quick Wash Anti-allergen cycle Voice control Reversible door Cons: No steam function No keep fresh functionality Best Hands-Free Operation GE Smart Front Load Energy Star Washer with UltraFresh Vent System

$800 at Best Buy

$800 at Home Depot

Wonder washer

With voice-control via smart devices and the ability to pre-load detergents in bulk, this is a great hands-off washing machine.
Best Compact Design: LG WM3900HBA Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled Front Load Washer with TurboWash 360 Technology

LG also offers a range of smart washing machines as part of its wider "ThinQ" appliance suite and app-based platform. This model is a 4.5 cubic feet capacity option, but with a relatively slimline footprint of 30-inches in depth, so it can do full-size loads in smaller spaces. It comes in white, or for a slightly higher cost, you can get this smart "Black Steel" finish.

The smart part of this system comes in with LG's ThinQ app, which is available for both iPhones and Android devices. You can use the app not just to start or stop a wash, but also to select a cycle, as well as get smartphone notifications. It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to allow you to manage your laundry with voice commands.

On the washing front, there's LG's TurboWash 360 technology, which comprises five powerful jets that surround clothes from multiple angles around the drum. This more efficient way of washing means you can do full loads in under 30 minutes and gets the thumbs up from happy owners of this model. The WM3900HBA also gets 6Motion technology, which combines up to six different wash motions to ensure clothes are cleaned thoroughly.

This machine's washing tech uses water efficiently. Many buyers are amazed at how little water this washer needs. If energy-saving appeals to you, then you should note this machine also offers economical ColdWash.

Also, the machine's LoDecibel quiet operation and its TrueBalance anti-vibration system can make you forget that you have a washer. This machine will also appeal to allergy sufferers thanks to its "Allergiene" cycle that removes allergens, like pet dander. In fact, it's certified as asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
Pros: Jet wash & 6Motion tech Anti-allergen cycle Voice control Quiet operation Cons: No keep fresh option No steam function Best Compact Design LG WM3900HBA Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled Front Load Washer with TurboWash 360 Technology

$900 at Best Buy

$900 at Electric Express

Lean clean machine

Packed with smart mechanical and digital tech, this slimline LG washing machine has a manageable footprint and a do-able price tag.
Best Intelligent Controls: Whirlpool WFW9620HBK Smart Front Load Washing Machine with Load & Go XL Plus Dispenser

Whirlpool's WFW9620HBK model is a larger five cubic feet capacity model with a smart touchscreen control panel and the ability to control it via the Whirlpool app. It's available in basic white or black and grey chrome finishes. That generous capacity makes it an excellent choice for larger households.

Like the GE washing machine, this model can handle bulk capacities of detergent. You fill up the machine's Load & Go XL Plus dispenser with detergent and fabric softener with enough product to last 40 loads, and then get notifications when you're running low, which is a pretty convenient feature.

Washing functionality includes a Steam Clean option, a Sanitize cycle with higher temps to kill bacteria, a Cold Wash option, and that always useful Quick Wash cycle. This machine also has the fantastic ability to keep clothes fresh for up to 12 hours after the cycle has ended. You simply hit the "Wash & Dry" button before the cycle starts, and after it's done. A built-in fan activates, gently tumble drying the clothes until you're ready to remove them.

The Whirlpool app lets you set, start, or pause the wash cycle and monitor progress remotely. That touchscreen panel doesn't just look good — it learns, adapts, and suggests customized presets based on what you've selected before. You can also customize up to 30 of your own favorite washing routines. The touchscreen is very easy to use, with many stating they were able to start using this machine without looking at the instructions.

Whirlpool has plans for the companion app that includes controlling the machine with a voice-controlled device, and the ability to reorder your preferred laundry supplies automatically. So, you'll never run out if you connect the app to your Amazon account.
Pros: Sanitize cycle Bulk detergent abilities Five cubic feet capacity Intelligent touchscreen controls Cons: High cost No voice control Best Intelligent Controls Whirlpool WFW9620HBK Smart Front Load Washing Machine with Load & Go XL Plus Dispenser

$1,395 at Home Depot

$1,395 at Best Buy

The washerator

We recommend this machine for its sleek looks and touchscreen control panel, but on top of that, you also get awesome app control.
Keep it clean
The smart washing market has grown rapidly in recent years. You can now get machines that vary from capacities of 2.8 cubic feet to a vast seven cubic feet. There are also combined washer/dryer options and top-loading models too. To keep this comparison guide tight, we've concentrated on front-loading machines that range from 4.5 to five cubic feet in capacity, which is the perfect size for an average household.

All these machines can be controlled and monitored via a companion app. In the case of our best overall pick, the Samsung High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with AddWash Door, you can remotely monitor the progress of your wash and even schedule cycles to start from the comfort of your couch. The app also lets you know when the wash is complete, a handy function to remind you to grab your clean washing while it's still fresh.

The Samsung option also offers some solid technology on the actual washing side of things. With a vibration-reducing design, it runs quietly, so it's not going to disturb the whole household. You can also add any items you've forgotten after the wash has started, which is very convenient. It's especially ideal for when you've just hit the "On" button and turn around to see a stray sock on the utility room floor, and it may be the perfect fit for your home.
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