There is no better way to improve your upper body strength then by using a pull up bar


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These bars are quite simplistic by design yet highly sturdy and efficient when it comes to providing a reliable workout almost anywhere in a moment’s notice. Given their portable nature, these pull up bars are very easy to set up and even easier to use. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we also included a few power racks among the following stand-alone pull-up bars, a little something for those of you who actually have the space to accommodate them. That said, let us find out what are the ten best pull up bars money can buy.
Best Pull Up Bars – Top List
Crown Sporting Goods Express Workout Bar

For people who are often on the go but need to perform their daily workouts, this might just be one of the best options as far as pull up bars go. It is a lightweight and portable tool, thus making it convenient to bring with you anywhere. It perfectly fits to doorframes of between 24.5 and 39 inches, and it requires no installation expertise. The workout bar is made of sturdy and compact steel that can accommodate 220 lbs maximum weight. Moreover, its heavy-duty construction delivers long-term value on all accounts.
1UP Doorway Pull-Up Bar

A heavy-duty and durable model, this is a great pull up bar that delivers convenience for several exercises. It features comfortable handgrips, while its adjustability makes it quite versatile for custom convenience in your workouts. It works well with doorframes of 24 inches to 36 inches, and it can accommodate body weight of up to 300 lbs. moreover, it portable and thus a great companion for the on-the-go workout enthusiast.
Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar 

If you want a great pull up bar that is ready to go without the hassle of setting up, then the Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar is a great option to go with. The Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar  and needs virtually no assembly. You simply hook it right onto your door frame and you are ready to get a full body workout in. When you want to put your Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar away, you simply unhook it and store it out of sight. The Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar features a raised bar that perfectly accommodates taller individuals. The Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar was designed for door frames that have a maximum width of 36 and 1/2 in. As well as the depth of 8 and 1/2 in. When you are using the Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar, you can look forward to maximum stability thanks to its high quality construction. The heavy duty design of the Ikon Fitness Pull Up Bar keeps it from shaking or moving during any type of exercise. Additionally, you will find that the soft foam grip is also durable and non slip. This foam grip is great for keeping blisters off of your hands. If you are looking for a little bit more stability, then you can take advantage of the larger hooks that increase your safety. Additionally, these larger hooks help to act as an added measure of protection for your door frame too.
Pure Fitness Upper Body Exercise Doorway Bar

This is one of the most supportive, all-in-one, fully functional chin-up, pull-up, and also push-up bar available on the market today. This home pull-up bar is ideal for developing arm, shoulder, chest, as well as abdominal compound and back muscles, such as the forearms and biceps. It is made of top-grade steel, ensuring optimal durability, while its comfort grips offer great workout convenience. The bar is a perfect choice for almost any popular extreme exercise, and even normal strength training for helping you build and also tone the muscles. It is also designed to be easy to carry with you where you need it.
Ultimate Body Press Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Another ceiling mounted model, the Ultimate Body Press pull up bar features reversible risers, and can fit 16 to 24-inch ceiling joists. It has an ergonomic design for reducing strain while increasing gains as you perform your pull-ups. Its ideal 20-inch spacing on its parallel grips and the angled bars add to a more natural grip, and also makes the tool to support even high-profile workouts that target particular muscle groups, delivering desired results in less time. Furthermore, the installation kit includes all needed hardware, a mounting template, and plenty of guidelines for a seamless installation.
Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

If you desire to train like a professional and get that ideal athlete’s body shape yet at your home’s comfort, then you cannot get it wrong with this Cap Barbell Power Rack exercise stand. It is a conveniently priced product model that offers you great room for versatile training abilities. It is a simple pull up bar that is also unique and durable. Moreover, it is made of thick steel that features quality powder coating for added durability and style. Its barbell holder allows users to include weightlifting to workout regimens.
CFF Wall/Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Utilize this high-performance wall/ceiling mounted model of pull-up bar and make your workouts at the comfort of your home garage. Measuring 46 inches, it sits 30 inches off the wall. With the CFF Wall/Ceiling Pull Up Bar, you get to perform many exercise types. It requires less space, yet it can support as much as 300 lbs user weight, making it a popular choice for many. Moreover, this product includes all the needed installation hardware for easier setup.
ProSource Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

A multifunctional tool, the Pro-Source pull-up/chin-up bar has 12 convenient grips and several handles that allow you to go about various, hammer, close grip workouts. It helps you strengthen your complete upper and lower body plus the abs with great sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and leg raises. It is easy to assemble and install thanks to a convenient slip-in design that fits most standard doorways. Moreover, its portable and space efficient design make it simple to use at home, and it is made of high-grade steel for long-lasting use. It accommodates a maximum 300 lbs, which should be more than enough for pretty much everyone.
Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower ranks among the best models of pull up bars the market offers today. It packs great features that recommend it as an ideal pick for home workouts. It is made of quality, durable steel for long lasting use, and has soft, convenient hand grips for comfortable handling. It is a multi-use tool that helps in building up your whole body. With it, you can perform push-ups, chin-ups, triceps dips, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Able to support up to 250 lbs, its non-slip caps protect against floor scratching when used by people who perform intense workout regimens.
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym offers a total upper body, multipurpose training bar that supports nearly every workout you require for building a powerful and strong upper body. It is the ultimate strength building and body shaping tool that works out the upper body muscles while toning your midsection. We say this because this workout bar is made of durable and sturdy steel for holding a maximum 300 lbs. Moreover, this tool is designed to fit most doorways between 24 and 32 inches wide and with doorway trim/molding of up to 3.5 inches in width.

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What To Look For In A Pull Up Bar
Even though pull up bars are quite simplistic in design, there are a few characteristics that stand them apart from one another. Anything from construction type, size, thickness, additional features, and branding can make an argument for or against specific pull up bars, which is also something you need to be aware of when buying one. Let us then find out what characteristics to look for when shopping for one.

Size – Perhaps the most important aspect of a pull up bar is its size. You want such a bar to easily fit inside the door frame of any door inside your house, or any other place that might be suitable for its installation. You also have to ensure that your palm will fit the bar properly so as to give you full control over your pull-ups. When talking about racks with inbuilt pull-up bars, the situation is somewhat different but the general idea is pretty much the same.

Weight capacity – A pull up bar should support your full body weight with no issues whatsoever. To avoid potential accidents, make sure that this is always the case, no matter how thin the bar may be. In all fairness, these bars are usually built to support a lot more weight than what an average person weighs. Even so, there is also the issue of your door frame supporting your weight along with the bar; this, of course, if you’re using a door frame pull up bar.

Construction – It isn’t uncommon for some of these bars to have built-in additions that enable you to train your other muscles. Although not widespread among pull up bars, these additional features enable you to perform a more diverse routine. When it comes to power racks with inbuilt pull up bars, this is definitely to be expected. With door frame bars, however, you should surely keep an eye on whether these additional features impact the bar’s grip on the frame.

Grip – Most pull up bars have built-in handles for you to use when doing pull-ups, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties as far as grip is concerned. It should be said, however, that some of these bars have much better handles than others, almost to the point where they can impact the effectiveness of your workout sessions. In principle, you must look for a pull up bar with relatively thick handles yet thin enough to allow you to get a full grip.
Types Of Pull Up Bars
Even though they all serve the same purpose, pull up bars differ in construction and style. Here are the most popular types of pull up bars:

Hardware mounted door bar – This pull up bar is mounted on the door frame through a set of screws and nails. Whatever supporting brackets the bar has are then secured onto the studs of the door and the bar is then placed into this newly constructed frame. Though it can cause some damage to your door frame, the hardware mounted door bar is by far the most secure of any temporary pull up bar.

Hardware mounted wall/ceiling bar – As the name suggests, these bars are secured into the wall or ceiling through a supporting beam. For this reason, the room you install this type of pull up bar into should have a drywall or any wall with a similar texture. Slightly less secure than hardware mounted door bars, these bars do provide a lot more versatility in terms of placement, although you probably shouldn’t use them in an apartment.

Leverage mounted door bar – This type of bar is secured onto a door with the help of a telescoping mechanism which uses the leverage of the bar for stability. What’s great about this particular pull up bar is that it can be set up or taken down in a matter of seconds. It also doesn’t cause any permanent damage to the walls, making it perfect for people who live in apartments or for people who are renting.

Tower bars – These pull up bars are free-standing by design, usually built into a larger frame or workout mechanism. Extremely stable and secure, this type of bar does take up a lot more space than your average pull up bar, which might be a problem for some. Even so, the impressive stability it offers is surely something to consider when building a home gym or setting up a workout room inside the house.

Assisted tower bars – Similar to a tower bar, an assisted tower bar also features an inbuilt mechanism that allows the users to gradually build up their form in order to perform unassisted pull-ups. For this purpose, the tower bar comes with a support bar for foot placement that can also be used to perform more elaborate exercises. Just like a tower bar, this particular pull up bar is extremely secure, albeit a bit bulkier.

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