Zoo ZAB Silent Pattern Cabin Hooks


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Zoo ZAB Silent Pattern Cabin Hooks

Zoo Hardware ZAB Silent Pattern Window Door Holder Cabin Hook - Brass, Chrome & Satin

These cabin door hooks by Zoo Hardware are commonly used to hold doors open, usually patio or french doors. It silent pattern design allow the hooks from rattle when not in use.

Available in polsihed brass, polished chrome and satin chrome, these hooks are both lightweight and heavyweight depending on the size you choose.

If you require the hooks to be fixed to brickwork you would require appropriate raw plugs.

Supplied in singles complete as hook and eye with fixing screws.

  • Zoo Hardware
  • Silent Pattern Cabin Hooks
  • Commonly used to hold open doors & window shutters
  • Cabin Hook
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Comes with fixings & receiver plate

Cabin Hook Sizes:

  • 3" 76mm - Lightweight
  • 4" 100mm - Lightweight
  • 6" 150mm - Heavyweight
  • 8" 200mm - Heavyweight
  • 10" 250mm - Heavyweight