Jewellery Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror and Stunning 3D Magnetic Flower


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LANGRIA LANGRIA Jewellery Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror and Stunning 3D Magnetic Flower Picture Frame Features LED Lighting and Lockable Wall-Mounted Over-the-Door Design for Armoire and Accessory Storage

Key Features

  • 3D DESIGN: this stunning jewellery cabinet comes with a beautiful and unique design like no other; the magnetic outdoor surface allows you to attach notes and pictures to the door
  • AUTOMATIC LED LIGHTS: the mirrored jewellery armoire features 8 built-in LED lights that light up automatically whenever you open the door, making it easy to find your jewellery
  • LOCKABLE DOOR: the lockable door of this jewellery cabinet offers safe storage of all your favourite accessories; even when not locked, the two magnet locks keep your door shut tight
  • SPACIOUS CABINET: enjoy plenty of space for makeup and jewellery with 3 holders, a bracelet rod, 67 stud holes, 42 ring compartments, 12 necklace hooks, and 4 storage shelves
  • WALL & DOOR MOUNTED: easily attach your jewellery cabinet to your wall or hang it from your door; the protective mounting pads on the hanger prevent your door from being scratched


This stunning jewellery cabinet from LANGRIA certainly is one of a kind with its unique 3D design. The beautiful themed frame makes it a perfect furniture piece for in the bedroom or dressing room of little children and adult women alike. The jewellery armoire comes with a lockable and magnetic door that allows you to conveniently and safely store away all your precious armoire, makeup, and accessories. Thanks to its built-in LED lights that automatically turn on when you open the door, you’ll always be able to find your favourite jewellery on both day and night. Naturally, the lights can also be used in manual mode. At the inside, you’ll find a stunning full-body mirror for checking out your outfit. Added to that, you’ll find plenty of storage space inside to keep all your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. It even comes with its very own cosmetics compartment for storing your makeup. If you’re looking for a unique jewellery cabinet with a stunning design and plenty of space, this beauty from LANGRIA is a perfect choice for you!

Please note

- The maximum opening angle of the armoire door is 180 degrees.

- Please don't place it in damp areas to avoid deformation.

- Please keep accessories away from children during installation.

- Children are not allowed to play under the hanging cabinet.


Unique Magnetic Door

Our jewellery cabinet comes equipped with a full-length mirror that can be found at the inside of its main door. The outside of the door itself features a magnetic design. This allows you to attach accessories, notes, and pictures to your door - giving you a cool way to personalize your jewellyry armoire.

Ultra-Clear Mirror Image

The high-quality mirror inside of the jewellery cabinet treats you to an ultra-clear reflection image in true colour. As a result, you’ll be able to perfectly apply your makeup and match your jewellery with your outfit. Please remember to remove the protective anti-scratch film from your mirror before usage.

Premium Materials

Crafted out of high-end MDF material, the LANGRIA jewellery armoire treats you to the best user experience. This beautiful cabinet features a premium finish that will look stunning in every bedroom and dressing room alike. Along with its unique 3D design, you simply can’t go wrong with the LANGRIA jewellery armoire.

12 Necklace Hangers

The LANGRIA jewellery cabinet features 12 necklace hangers that allow you to hang all your favourite necklaces separately so they won’t get all tangled together. This treats you to more than enough space to safely and neatly hang away all your most precious neck chains.

Plenty of Storage Space

At the bottom of your jewellery armoire, you’ll find four layers of shelves with different heights that are perfect for storing away cosmetics, perfumes, and all your other makeup accessories. The stainless steel bars prevent items from falling out and further add to a premium overall finish.

Soft Velvet Lining

The inside of your jewellery cabinet has been coated with a soft velvet lining. This soft finish does not only look good, but it also protects your fine jewellery from getting scratched. As of such, you can use your jewellery armoire to store all your favourite and most precious jewels.


Color: White wood veneer

Material: MDF, velvet, glass

Product size: 120 cm H x 37 cm W x 9.5 cm D (47.3 in H x 14.5 in W x 3.7 in D)

Mirror size: 31 cm W x 114 cm H (12.2 in W x 44.9 in H)

Over-the-door hooks width: 4.5 cm (1.8 in)

Armoire weight: 10.1 kg (22.3 lbs)

Wall-mounted: YES

Door mounted: YES

Packing List:

1x LANGRIA jewellery cabinet

2x Key

1x Magnets bag

2x Hanging hook

1x Double-sided tape

4x Door mounting mat

1x Mounting screws bag

1x User manual (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT)