Door Hook


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Door Hook

Maximize your closet space with this door hook system. Features stable hooks with One-Touch-Lock system. Very easy to install. No tools needed.
Maximum door height 94"
Includes 2 different hooks to adapt to door thickness: 1.2" and 1.6"

3 sets available: Regular hooks, Bag hooks, Hat & Scarf hooks.

Available in Grey

Regular Hooks
Comes with 6 Hooks. 
Capacity: 1.5kg per hook

Bags Hooks
Comes with 4 Hooks.
The "R" shaped hooks can hold bags steadily and avoid damaging the shapes of handles.
Capacity: 2.5kg per hook

Hat & Scarf Hooks
Comes with 4 Hooks.
Deep shaped hooks prevent items from falling.
Ring shape convenient for hanging scarves.
Capacity: 1.5kg per hook