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Hi friends! How was your weekend? It was our first basketball game of the season and our team won! What a great start to the season! Yesterday, after church was a birthday party for one of Jordans friends (thankfully, shes on the mend) and she had so much fun seeing her friends after missing three days of school last week!

Sunday night, I didnt feel like it, but I did all those Sunday evening things that set the week up for success clean kitchen, laundry, lunch prep, fridge clean out & making a plan for the week. To keep myself going, I just kept thinking how much Ill appreciate having those things done when Monday morning hits.

Ive been using Sunday to meal prep and plan for the rest of the week. I write out on paper my schedule for the week and the top things I need to do each day. Even though I keep a calendar on my phone, having it written out where I can see it and actually cross things off feels so good!

Next month is a big one for us! Its Valentines Day, Jordans birthday, and then my birthday all within a week!

I wanted to have Jordans party at the neighborhood park, but Houston weather is too tricky in mid-February, so I just booked a jumpy place. It was the same place we went to for her friends birthday and the kids had a blast! I was looking at Jordans face while she was bouncing so high and the JOY was incredible!

Now that my holiday storage closet is all nice and organized, Im more pumped to add some decor for each season. I didnt have much for Valentines day, but I found some really darling things on Amazon that arrived in a jiffy, thanks to PRIME! I love adding even just a little bit of festive decor around the house.

It doesnt have to be much, but I think the kids appreciate it too.


Tulip Wreath Valentine Banner Corkcicle Kitchen Towels Apron Table Runner Buffalo Check Pillows Valentine Pillows Faux Fur Blanket Front Door Decor Valentine Paper Pom Decor Eyelash Mug Pink Matches

Tulip Wreath Yall already know how much Im loving my tulip wreath and Ive enjoyed seeing it in your homes too! You can always tag me on Instagram and Stories @honeywerehome and I can share! I have the darker red/pink wreaths on my front door, and bought the white/light pink for my kitchen. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I love how often I get to see it!

Valentine Banner I usually add a banner above Jordans bed for the holiday and its an easy, inexpensive way to add some Valentine decor!

Corkcickle As a gift or for yourself, a corkcickle is awesome! And pink for Valentines Day. Triple isolated, it will keep your drink cold or hot for 9 hours. The silicone bottom is slip proof- good for putting on the bleachers at the ball fields with your drink of choice. Shhh, I wont tell!

Kitchen Towels Ive done away with paper towels over here and dont really miss them. We use kitchen towels and cloth napkins now. Having a set of each you truly like using or displaying is so nice!

Apron Ive come to enjoy putting on an apron, especially when we bake. It does help save all that flour from getting on your clothes, plus it looks absolutely adorable! The one above is only $17!

Table Runner Dang, this runner is cute! Hearts on hearts, but more styles available.

Buffalo Check Pillows &Valentine Pillows Pillows are an easy way to update your decor. I like the mix of buffalo check with the Valentines script pillows.

Faux Fur Blanket We can never have enough throw blankets around here. Not only do we cuddle up with them, they also make great decor over chairs, in baskets or folded neatly on the couch. This one is extra furry and soft.

Heart Envelope Door Decor I just bought this adorable heart exploding envelope and its the cutest thing! Its really large, so it makes a big statement and the quality is so good! Ill be happily using it year after year.

Valentine Paper Pom Decor If you really want to add some pizazz, this paper pom pom display will do the trick!

Eyelash Mug How sweet is that eyelash mug?! The detail is so cute with the gold handle.

Pink Matches Every.single.evening I light candles in the living room and one in the kitchen. The kitchen candle is my reward for cleaning up every night. The living room candles help me relax after what is usually a hustle of a day. I thought these pink matches make the cutest decor and would be a lovely gift, not to mention, useful! They come in every color.


I switched out the Christmas decor for a fresh pink palette that works for Valentines Day on through Spring.

Vase Table Chairs on sale Plates on sale Buffalo Check Napkins Washable Placemats Faux Peony Bouquet

Vase Faux Peony Bouquet

How gorgeous are these faux peonies?! I put two bouquets in this vase and I love how it looks! As much as I love fresh flowers, a good set of faux flowers is great to have on hand because they last year after year without any maintenance.

Buffalo Check Napkins Washable Placemats Faux Peony Bouquet

Buffalo Check Napkins Washable Placemats

I need washable placemats since I have two messy eaters at my family table. These wipe up easily and the wood grain and pink color is really pretty in person. Before I ordered these, I read tons of reviews on placemats. These had over 500 positive reviews and only $11 for a set of six!

We do actually use the cloth napkins. Theyre nice and big, 1212. I can just throw them in the washing machine and reuse.

Tulip Wreath

Im so happy with how this tulip wreath brightened up our kitchen. I was able to easily hang it from a suction cup hook, but on regular cabinet doors, you could try using a command hook.

Three Tier Tray Rae Dunn Mug Similar Hearts

The three tier tray got a holiday makeover! I had her all dolled up for Christmas in December, then she was looking pretty bare after I took those decorations down. Adding a few felt hearts and Valentines inspired mug was all it took to brighten it up again!

Throw Blanket Similar Chair Side TableSimilar LampOttomanBraided Rug

We can never have enough throw blankets at our house. This white one is light and fluffy fuzzy goodness on one side, and cozy sherpa throw on the other. You can machine wash it and dry it on low. It has over 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon and is only $28 for the 5065 inch.

Throw Blanket

Heart Envelope Door Decor Shelf/Toy Box

This door decoration is so darling. Its a sturdy burlap material and the ribbon has a wire to hold its shape. This could easily work as a front door decor in lieu of a wreath, but Im thinking Ill be putting in in Jordans playroom.

My mom gets credit for putting that toy box together. I ordered it three weeks ago and it had been sitting in the box unopened because the thought of assembling it was daunting! But, she and Jordan got to it last week and I came in at the end when it was almost finished! Thanks Mom!!

Are you adding any Valentines decor touches to your home? Are you ready for Spring decor? I kind of have a mix of Spring and Valentines decor going on with the pink vibes and hearts here and there. But, Im liking how it brought back in some fun after taking all the Christmas decor down. The house was looking kinda bare for awhile!

I cant let today pass without paying respect to Martin Luther King, Jr. I so admire his courage and leadership and always think of how many lives he deeply touched during his time and on into today. We are better because of him.

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