There Is No Sense to Install Cameras on Airplanes, Heres Why


Cameras are everywhere. Wherever you go, you're always being watched. CCTV cameras are installed to monitor order in stores, banks, hospitals, and similar public places. Except on airplanes! Why are there no cameras in the cabin? And which places are watching you, but shouldnt be?

Btw, there are sites where you can access many city cameras even in other countries! You can watch whats happening on the other side of the globe just like that, through your computer. One filmmaker even made a whole movie just from footage taken by real city CCTV cameras!

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Why are there no cameras on airplanes?
Is the same true for all forms of transport?
What else are CCTV cameras used?
Can you watch the live footage?
How do cameras see in the dark?
Whos watching you without your knowing?
Its not just cameras you should be worried about!
How do modern home surveillance cameras work?
How can you choose the right camera?
Other ways to protect your home?

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- In an airplane, the crew keeps order. If something serious goes down, theres not much they can do, and not much a camera will help with.
- Some cameras are installed in the driver's cab. It can detect the slightest signs that the driver is falling asleep or feeling unwell.
- Any person can contact the main center where all these videos send their footage, and theyll get recordings if any incident occurs.
- The camera converts invisible (for humans) objects in the dark into visible ones using special optic lenses. Then it adds brightness and contrast so that your eyes can pick it up.
- Some have been found inside hotel showerheads and even tiny cameras hidden within the coat hook on the stall door of a public restroom!
- Check small details: lampshades, picture frames, clocks, and the most popular: the eyes of plush toys.
- Turn off the light, close the curtains, and walk around the room with the front camera turned on. If a hidden camera is installed, then youll notice a small flash on your phone screen.
- Modern cameras can be smaller than a fingernail, making them next to impossible to find.
- Be extremely careful around ATMs! Offenders can install cameras in or around them to see your PIN.
- Turn out the lights, and try to peak into it. You can also shine your phones flashlight into the mirror. If theres a secret room on the other side, then you might get a glimpse.
- You can take a chance and use a fake. A thief can be scared away or a person may behave more correctly when they see a security camera, whether it works or not.
- You can use your phone and computer webcam as a CCTV camera system. There are special apps that activate them from a distance.

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