The kitchen takes the prize for being the hardest place to sort out


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There are simply too many things with not enough space. 

All the shelves are stocked, and the boxes stacked, which makes finding a new place to arrange your paraphilia a daunting task. Fear not, for there remains one place most of us seem to overlook; the area under the sink.

Instead of utilizing the space under the kitchen sink to serve a maximum function, we tend to ignore it. This space is rather like the paradise of lost items, from expired cleaners to long-forgotten containers.

Boost your storage capacity by actually looking at the space under the sink for what it’s worth. It can serve as an excellent organizing space for things you need in a jiffy, as the area is accessible and convenient for every household member.

As it turns out, there are innumerable methods from DIYs to products that will help you get the mess under your sink back into shape, pronto!
19 Ways to Organize Under The Kitchen Sink 1. Create Real from Faux
Credit: Gray House Studio

The Grey House Studio has made a compelling post on why faux cabinets are the absolute worst, and we are inclined to agree. Instead of bidding adieu to it as space forever lost, they have converted them into real cabinets with just a little bit of woodwork and elbow grease.

In their post, they have given a detailed step by step guideline on how you can too make real spaces from faux drawers. The best part? They made it using materials found in their garage, at the minimum possible price.
2. Using Clear Boxes

Using boxes makes everything automatically looks and feels more systematic. Jen from iheartorganizing shows us how to use these boxes to create maximum possible space utility. An advantage of using clear boxes is that you can easily keep tabs on their contents and quantity left. This prevents you from shuffling through a multitude of boxes whenever you require a particular item. It also keeps you notified of how much dish soap is left, so there won’t be any more nasty surprises.

Buy clear boxes here at Amazon.
3. Tension Rods

Tension rods are one of our favorite accessories in home organization. These can be used on almost every surface and can be customized per need of the hour. They do not even call for a permanent commitment and can be easily removed when not in use without leaving any structural damage.

They are easily available at every home depot at extremely cheap prices. We’re in particular awe of Jen from Jen Thousand Words who have used these rods in the most creative manner possible.
4. The Tissue Paper Organizer

Most of the space under the kitchen sink is taken up by washcloths. Once out of their sealed packet, they tend to get soiled due to the disarray under there. To avoid wasting more paper than you need to, This beautiful day advises their readers to completely separate their tissue paper bin from the rest of their belongings.

Not only will it make reaching for a new piece easier in the future, but it also saves up more than it’s worth as time goes on. You can bid adieu to frantically searching for papers to clean up the spill.
5. Lazy Susan

The lazy Susan is one of the miracle products to facilitate your laziness. Since it can easily spin around, you won’t have to keep pillaging in your drawer again and again for that dishwasher. Organizing Made Fun makes sure to keep her most used products on the disc, so they won’t be cluttered around as time goes on.

This hack probably requires the least effort and provides the most fun of all the ones listed. Place everything from your grease cleaners to soap bottles on there.
6. Sliding Wire Shelf

Another great hack, installing a sliding wire shelf in your under-sink drawer could be the Messiah you’ve been looking for. By keeping all the quick reach items on there, it becomes pretty simple to quickly clean and replace. This all is possible only if you can reach the items without a fuss, for which the wire shelf is perfect.

The best thing is even a beginner can install this sliding shelf under sink cabinet and can be usually done in 5-10 minutes. Now why slider shelves instead of static organizers? Simply because sliders give better access to the back, but back access is restricted in normal wire shelves making them frustrating to use and junky.

You can buy these wire shelves here.
7. DIY Stick On Holders
Credit: Designedtodwell

Stick-on holders are a quick and hassle-free method to store products. Since they require no drill work, they can be used without causing any permanent damage to your cabinets. These cut both the time and the commitment required to put in holders which require screws and the like. You can either buy these stick-on containers or even DIY them.

The best thing is it’s so easy to DIY and make these stick-on holders. All you need are a couple of stick-on hooks & plastic containers. That’s it!
8. File Holders
Credit: Apartment Apothecary

Hop into the stationery section (we know you want to) and grab file holders to convert them into an excellent storage section. These come in a variety of shapes and colors, so it’s not difficult to find the perfect match for the aesthetic and purpose of your need. The best thing is they are so cheap, and you can get for almost as low as a dollar at target.
9. Create An Organizing Shelf
Credit: Pregnant Power

If you happen to chance upon a scrap of lumber lying around, it might be a signal from above to recreate this beautiful shelf. This DIY is not only easy to follow along but also affordable, which are the prerequisites of all great DIYs.

Organizing shelves create more space in a limited environment and help in creating sections that are useful for quick access.
10. Motion Light
One of the most common causes of disorder under the sink is usually because of the lack of light. Fumbling around in the dark can create a lot of accidents, leaving in its wake a messy disaster. The solution comes in the form of motion sensor lights.

These lights will help you navigate the contents of the drawer safely without knocking into anything. These are power saving as well, and you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving them on accidentally for long periods. Buy them here!
11. Remove Extra Packaging

More than your products, their packaging might be eating into your space. By categorizing products by type rather than individually storing them, you inadvertently open up a lot of space you never knew existed.

Label your containers so that no house member confuses one for another and order is maintained throughout. Here is how Cleanandscentsible manages her labeling system to give you some inspiration.
12. Refrigerator Bins
Credit: A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Refrigerator bins are compact and sturdy, two qualities that make them perfect for this job. Since they come in a range of shapes and functions, you can use them as you see fit. By placing them under the sink and diving by the items they contain, these will become your saving grace.
13. Cabinet Towel Holders
Credit: Home Road

Move out of the ordinary, because towel hacks serve more than just one purpose. Apart from holding your rags and towels, they can be attached to your sink drawer to store much more.

They can be used as a base to hang all your spray bottles from, as illustrated by home road. Cleaning supplies are frequently used, and hanging them like this helps you save time and avoid cluttering.

Buy a cabinet towel holder.
14. Spice Rack
Credit: i Heart Organizing

One of the biggest issues in storing cleaning supplies is their impact on other knick-knacks around the. Brushes, sponges and rags are most often put away without drying. Water from them can damage your wooden cabinets and even cause fungus and mold to take root.

Instead of dumping them in a hidden corner, assign a special drying spot to them. Spice racks are made of sturdy material, can resist water and easily hold all your supplies. Installing one on either the door of the cupboard or on the inside will save you many a night of foraging for your tools.
15. Label Everything
Credit: Polished Habitat

If you are as forgetful as we are, this trick is a lifesaver. Remembering to clean out old supplies and stock up on the new are a daily occurrence, but we can still never time it right.

By using a dry erase tape and some whiteboard markers, you can create labels for all your reserves. This can range from quoting the expiry dates of certain products to leaving messages for the other person to buy on their trip out.
16. PVC Pipe Holders

A fun evening of baking leaves more than just a content stomach behind. The mixers and whisks lying around the island are a clean freaks nightmare. The family handyman has come with a trick to easily stow away your ladles and mixers without much fuss at all.

By using PVC pipes, they have made a holder for almost every item you could think of. If you still aren’t convinced, the fact that these are perfect for drying your crockery should be the final nail in the coffin. Well, you can apply this hack in your kitchen cabinet as well.
17. Create A Completely New Shelf

If you don’t have any cabinet or storage space underneath the sink, create one. By simply placing a premade shelf near the sink you can have an area dedicated to solely putting the essential that forms a part of your everyday life. We particularly adore this tiny shelf from Amazon, perfect for holding all the items that you could need.
18. Specialized Sets
Many companies offer complete solutions to home management, with customized options that cater to your particular needs. These even provide a complete guide on how to go about setting up and using the containers to get the maximum benefit from them. The Container store is one of the good ones.
19. Over the Door Bin

After making the best use of the space under your sink, go a step further and even put your shelf door to double duty.  Use door hangers to store the things you would need almost every other day. Everyday items like washrags and dish soaps could snugly fit in this bin. No more need to rifle through a mountain of supplies to get what you need.

You can get the over door bin here.

After reading through these tips and tricks, the dark expanse under the sink doesn’t seem as scary. Pull up your sleeves and get to finally streamlining the disaster under the sink to something more manageable and functional. Let us know which one of these were the victors against your battle with the disarray? Let us know in the comments below.

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