The BEST Baby Hacks Every New Mom Needs


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As a new mom, I can remember feeling like I didnt know much about being a mom. Who really does? Nothing truly nothing can prepare you for what life will be like as a parent. I would have given almost anything in exchange for some helpful baby hacks from experienced moms.

There are so many things that you dont think about before you have kids like how to prevent tripping over your toddlers toys in the middle of the night when they have a nightmare.

Or how to keep your baby boy from peeing on you when you change his diaper. I promise that never crossed my mind before having kids!

Like many parents, once my first baby was born, I found myself wondering how can I make life easier with my newborn? Over time, I learned more as a parent and grew in my confidence learning a few newborn hacks for parenting along the way helped too!

A hack is when you discover something that makes your life significantly easier. Discovering brilliant baby hacks is life-saving for new moms. Its that moment of going from how do I do this? to Ive got this.

I am so excited to share some of these sanity-saving baby hacks with you because it will make your life so much easier.

Here we go!

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Baby Hacks to Save Space

Babies come with more stuff than you think they will. Help find space to store everything with these hacks.

1. Save Space in the Diaper Bag

Are you interested in saving space in your diaper bag (who am I kidding every mom is!)? Give this hack a try! You can see from the picture that everything is rolled up into a sock. This is a super easy hack to keep extra outfits in the diaper bag.

baby clothes hacks

2. Dresser Space Saver

Baby clothes seriously take up a ton of room in those drawers. I know youre probably thinking that Im crazy because the clothes are so itty bitty, but trust me, youll need it because there are SO MANY of them (if you dont want to do basket loads of laundry every day).

I have learned that when you roll up the baby clothes, it saves a ton of room. Look at the before and after pictures. Its astonishing how much room you can save! Give this a try, I bet you have lots more room in your dresser than you did before.

before and after kids drawers

Best Cleaning & Organization Baby Hacks

Babies get messy for lots of reasons. These hacks will save your sanity by staying organized and helping to make the cleanup a little faster.

3. Always Have Plastic Bags in Your Diaper Bag

That first time you change a diaper blow-out in your car or at a moms group, youll be grateful for these plastic bags.

How to get rid of baby clothes stains

4. Use a Mesh Bag For Laundry

I learned this one the hard way. Babies go through piles and piles of socks. But they are so tiny that they can literally get sucked into the insides of the washing machine only to clog it up (in which case youre shelling out $ for a repairman to take apart your machine and pull out those socks for you).

This mesh laundry bag baby hack keeps all the socks contained in one easy-to-find place.

5. Clean Pacifier Tip

Oh, those pacifiers! They are lifesavers, and at the same time nearly impossible to keep clean. If you are lucky enough to have a pacifier that came in a carry case, use it!

If you dont have one of those gems, make your own carrying case. You could use a reusable silicone bag (like a ziplock) or even a sauce container with a lid from a restaurant.

6. Have Multiple Diaper Changing Stations

Newborns get 10-12 diaper changes a day. Do you really want to go upstairs to the babys room every time you need to change a diaper?

If you live in a home with multiple stories, keep a small bin with diaper changing supplies in it (a changing pad, diapers, wipes, etc) on each floor so you dont need to go up and down the stairs every time.

7. Keep Bibs Handy

Use a command hook on the back of the high chair to store your bibs and have them handy anytime you need them.

8. Use a Pool Noodle

Think of this one as a having-your-back newborn hack. Use a pool noodle when youre carrying the babys car seat to make life easier.

Carrying a baby in a car seat can get heavy quickly. Having a pool noddle helps take off some of the pressure from your hand or arm so you can carry it for longer with more comfort.

baby car seat hacks

Newborn Hacks For Sleep

Sleep so precious and in such short supply. Help your newborn sleep with these hacks.

9. Sleep For Babies Who Want To Be Held

At some point, every parent will have that one child that doesnt like to be left alone. I certainly had one.

This weighted glove is pure genius. I think its smart, safe, and a great way to save your sanity. This baby hack will help you get a little rest, or at least get something done while your baby is sleeping.

baby hand - a way to help your kids go to sleep

10. Under the Bed Light

I cannot tell you how many times Ive tripped in the dark trying to find something in the room or get to her. This under-the-bed-light is such a clever baby hack. I wish I would have thought about that when I had my first baby!

You could do this in any of your childrens rooms. It will give them a little nightlight and you will be able to see if you really need to go in there.

under light for the baby bed

11. White Noise Machine Baby Hack

At first, your baby will sleep unpredictably (but a lot during the day). There will be times when you finally get them asleep only to have the doorbell ring or a door close loudly something that startles your baby awake. This is torture for moms!

I highly recommend using a white noise machine, a fan, or a humidifier (or anything else that makes a consistent noise like a hum) to help drown out those unwanted sounds that might startle your baby awake. We used a fan (and still do).

These baby hacks will help to save your sanity when your children are small. Give some of these a try, and let me know if they worked for you.

Id also love to hear about baby hacks that you have used in your own home. Please share them in the comments.

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