My 22 Goals for 2019


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Goal #1 — Spend More Time Doing What I Love

Little Miss Lucy Goose met her new vet this week and absolutely loves her. The fact that they give Lucy little treats while she’s getting her mani/pedi has something to do with it. Also, she is having a blast running around the yard now that it’s all fenced in. And just in time too! Three days after we finished, the ground froze.

Goal #2 — Garden, Garden, Garden

The day before the ground froze we planted a row of arborvitae trees along one side of the fence and moved 6 peony bushes to the side of the house. I would have liked to have gotten more done before the weather turned, but I am so very much ready for winter and all the calmness it brings to life here in New England.

Having 4 true seasons, rocks. And I am looking forward to a restful winter.

Goal #3 — Plant an Orchard {Calling it Quits on this one.}

We are almost there!!! The first harvest could be anyway now. I’m just waiting for the color to deepen a bit.

Goal #4 — Gussy Up the Potting Shed Done!

I gussied up the potting shed at our old house, but I would like to add some sort of “potting station” to the backyard here somewhere, but I’m not sure where I would put it yet.

Goal #5 — Grow Enough Extra Vegetables, Eggs and Flowers to Earn $1500 at my little roadside vegetable stand.

It was totally my intention to grow a ton of fruits and vegetables to sell at the farm-stand when I made my list of goals for 2019 last winter, but then we moved. So, that whole goal was sort of a bust.

Goal #6 — Finish Every Single Unfinished Rug Hooking Project in My Pattern Bin + 10 Things from back Issues of Magazines/Books I’ve Been Meaning to Make. 

This week I didn’t hook a single rug, but I did hand dye and put together about 100 bundles of wool for my Etsy shop. I still have a few more colors to do, but after that, my Etsy shop should be stocked well into next year and I’ll be able to start hooking in earnest again.

73 rugs in my pattern bin {now down to 27}
183 hooked flowers {finished 150, now down to 33}
10 “things” from back issues of magazines {finished 0}

Goal #7 — Create 12 New Rug Hooking Patterns {with at least half of them being large ones} DONE!

So far this year I’ve added 12 new rug hooking patterns and 13 beginner rug hooking kits to my Etsy shop.

New rug hooking patterns I’ve created and added to My Etsy Shop this year:

Tullia and Thomas Turkey
Double Nantucket Whale Runner
Miss Henny and Penny
Miss Penny
Simple Kitty
Primitive Flowers
2 Fat Cats
Annabell’s Big Day
Old Fashioned Double Tulip
Fat Brown Hen
Busy Little Bee
Queen Bee

Rug Hooking Kits

Busy Little Bee {in 2 different colors}
Folk Art Heart
Small Nantucket Whale
Primitive Crow

Miss Robin {in 2 different colors}
Simple Kitty
Primitive Flowers
A Basket of Spring Posies
Fat Brown Hen
Chicky’s Garden

Goal #8 — Split and Stack 2 Cords of Wood for Next Winter 

All that firewood! We sold it. 😉

Goal #9 — Do Something with the 5,002 Photos on My Phone

Down to 2867.

Goal #10 –-Lose the Muffin Top Done!

I’m declaring Muffy gone. Thanks to the stress of moving and just getting outside and walking around more and working in the yard, Muffy has melted away.

Goal #11 — Run, Walk or Crawl a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon

You are not going to believe this. The Girl had to work on Saturday, and so I asked my husband if he would do the 5K with me and he said YES. I couldn’t believe it. Luckily I had chosen a 5k with a run or walk option and so with it being a whopping 28 degrees outside, we weren’t the only ones there in jeans. 😉

The proceeds of the race went to Honor Flight Maine {a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s Veterans for all their service and sacrifices. Honor Flight Maine transport America’s heroes to Washington, D.C. to tour, experience and reflect at their memorials.}

Now all that’s left is the Pastry and Tea Half Marathon before I can check this goal off my list.

Goal #12 — Read or Listen to 26 New Books {21 down, 5 to go}

Still listening to Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.

Books I’ve Read or Listened to So Far This Year:

Marilla of Green Gables #1 Still my favorite

The Great Alone #2

The Aviator’s Wife #3

Before We Were Yours #4

Secrets of a Charmed Life #5
Where’d You Go, Bernadette #6

Carnegie’s Maid #7

The Gown #8

Unbroken #9


The Alice Network #11

The Shape of Mercy #12

Will’s Red Coat #13

Big Little Lies #14
Mr. Churchill’s Secretary
Born to Run
I Feel Bad About My Neck

Bunny Mellon  {Doesn’t count because it was my second time}

On Writing {Doesn’t count because it was my third time}
Finder’s Keepers
Following Atticus

Goal #13 — Try 52 New Recipes.

33 down, 19 recipes to go. Last week I shared a recipe for Turkey Salad. It’s the perfect recipe for using up those last pieces of turkey from Thanksgiving dinner.

Goal #14 — Clean Up 52 Old Recipes on the Blog

9 down, 44 to go. I should get moving… because at this rate, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking the entire month of December. The poor bakeries. They’re going to suffer because I won’t be able to leave the house.

Goal #15 — Fill 100 Canning Jars 48 down, 52 to go.

No canning this past week and because I want to finish getting all that wool dyed, I won’t be canning anything this week either. Oddly enough though, I’m totally not even worried about reaching this goal. Peeps need their holiday jam, I’ll get it done. 🙂

So far this year I’ve I canned:

7 jars Peach Jam

7 jars of Strawberry Jam

15 jars of Carrot Cake Jam

15 jars of Spiced Pear Jam 

4 jars of Almond Pears.

Goal #16 — Finish Furnishing Our House

I found a cadet blue vase at the thrift store this week {I found a pretty good one in town I like to pop in and check out every week} and brought it home. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I like it and didn’t want someone else to snatch it up.

We also hung a reproduction vintage map of Maine that was printed with the E.B. White quote “I would rather feel bad in Maine than feel good anywhere else” in a handmade barnwood frame on the wall in the family room. I am going for a coastal look in there and things are starting to come together. I still need to make the roman shades and find {create?} a few more things for the walls, but I’m on track to get the room completed by the end of the month.

Goal #17 – 52 Dates with the HH {38 down, 14 to go}

We went on a lunch date to The Cheese Iron and walked a 5k together. 🙂

Goal #18 — Take One Adult Education Class Done {I’ve taken 3!}

Block Printing Class with my neighbor.

Spoon Carving Class with Heather.

Mini pottery lesson {I loved it! and now I want to sign up for a full class}

Goal #19 — Secret Holiday Project{s}

One of my secret holiday projects this year was block print towels and another was to make a few seed packet wreaths. I do have a couple more projects that would  be perfect for gift giving up my sleeve, and plan to share those on the blog soon.

Goal #20 — Create 12 Wowie Zowie Party Platters

6 down, 6 to go. I need to get my game on. Seriously, I am running out of time.

Goal #21 — Visit 12 General Stores

9 down 3 to go. The HH and I have plans to check out another one this week. 🙂 🙂 🙂

H.B. Provisions in Kennebunk, Maine

Chase’s Daily {I think it should count}
Squam Lake Marketplace
Harrisville General Store
Dodge’s Store in New Boston, New Hampshire

Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, New Hampshire

Dan and Whit’s in Norwich, Vermont

Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, Maine

Goal #22 — Compete with Carole….. Get on My Front Door Game On

Much to the horror of my husband, I stood out on the front porch this morning in my pj’s wrapped in a blanket and puffy coat to take this photo. 🙂 🙂 🙂  The corn, along with the big pumpkins on the porch will stay until the day after Thanksgiving. Absolutely NO Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. Leg lamp included.

Front Door Bling I’ve Made So Far This Year to Compete with Carole:

Late January : Valentine Heart
Late February : Shamrock
Late March : Giant Carrot
May: White wave petunia hanging basket
June/July: Tin Star and Flag Bunting
August : Sunflower
September: Indian corn and pumpkins
October: Pumpkins and spinner do hickeys
November: Indian corn and big pumpkins


How about YOU? What are your goals for 2019? If you told us about them HERE, check in! We want to know how you are doing. Because seriously, it’s so much easier to get those goals checked off your list when you have people rooting for you! 🙂

Have a great day everyone,


You can read more about my 22 goals for 2019 HERE.

Have a Great Day!

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