Modern Bathroom Hook, Unique Towel Hook in Striped Wood with Metal Pegs by andrewsreclaimed


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95.00 USD

Robe Hook, Towel Hook, Wood and Metal, Bath and Bedroom Wall Decor

At once durably constructed and artfully designed. Inspired by mid-century design, and 90% recycled. 1/2" diameter pegs are cut, brushed and finished by us, and are our modern minimalist answer to hooks commonly available elsewhere.

The back is made from re-milled cedar fencing, and the front from wood waste cuts randomly organized to create a unique signature of tone and pattern.

2.5" x 11"

The pegs extend 2" from the face at a good angle for robes as well as towels.

Pilot-drilled and counter-bored, screws and mounting hardware included for mounting to a door or standard sheetrock wall.

Thoroughly sanded with lightly eased edges, satin clear finish.

Includes standard #8 helical plastic drywall anchors and stainless steel screws.

Made in USA


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