Mamava Brings Lactation Pods to the Workplace & Now You Can Pump in Peace


Mamava lactation pods are moving into the workplace! The mom-centric brand recently announced the addition of its compact lactation pod, the Mamava Solo—a private, easy-to-set-up space for women who need to pump at work.

The pods, which are already in airports and other select spaces, have made nursing and pumping easier for moms on-the-go. Instead of cramming your gear into a bathroom stall or taking over the break room just to pump, Mamava wants to give you another (and a better) option.

Sascha Mayer, CEO and co-founder of Mamava, said a in a press release, “Employers looking to retain employees should be thinking about best-in-class lactation options and support, not just something that brings them into compliance.” With that in mind, Mamava’s newest product provides women with a clean, private place to pump that’s free from distractions.

Each compact unit ships within two to four weeks and installs within hours. The pod’s features include a deadbolt-locking door, one bench, two shelves, a mirror, a hook, internal outlets and a USB plug.

Along with the pod itself, women using it will also have access to Mamamva’s Smart Platform. Using the company’s app, each mom can locate the pod, check to see if it’s vacant, adjust lighting and airflow and connect with support and resources.


—Erica Loop

Photos: Courtesy of Mamava



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