Make sure you know these important luxury bathrooms trends for 2020


The bathroom isnt just a functional space; it can sometimes be the one place where you can escape and soothe your senses with a nice long soak in the bath. With the door firmly locked and no interruptions from family members, picture a serene setting with flickering candles and a bubble bath just waiting for you to dip your toe in. If the scene isnt quite set, however, because youre planning a renovation first then we might just have some hot tips for you on the upcoming bathroom trends for 2020.

Window + vanity mirror = perfect start to the day

Something that youll start seeing a lot more in 2020 is the use of natural lighting. Vanity mirrors, either suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall, are being set up in front of a large window. This gives you a good view of the outside world every morning and provides great, natural lighting when checking your reflection. If your view isnt all that private, it would be a good idea to install a window blind so that you can pull these down when you want some privacy.

Bathrooms are personal, functional rooms but they are also experiential places in which we can make style statements that qualify them as worthy of Instagram

Make a huge impact with a smaller space

If youre lucky enough to have a powder room in addition to your bathroom, then use this smaller space to really let loose your artistic side. Go for a bold and daring look with something like pure black tiles, exotic jungle wallpaper, or even a floral pattern that is in complete contrast to your main bathroom. Be sure to add a circular mirror and either gold or black taps, as these are all trending right now.

Get a rainfall showerhead

Many of us spend a few minutes each morning trying to get the showerhead in just the right spot, which is definitely a bit worse for taller people! Also, the shower flow can feel too rough for some, which is why its best to install a rainfall showerhead. The pressure can still be adjusted, but rainfall showerheads are typically gentler on the skin and are also much higher, which means less crouching when having a shower. That said, it is possible to find some bathroom showers, which have the best of both worlds included in the installation, which means you can get your standard showerhead and the trending rainfall showerhead for the ultimate shower.

Double your sinks

An update on the classic his and her bathroom towels, dual sinks are set to become standard luxury bathroom items across the world. Not just a time-saver for partners who go to work or prepare for bed at the same time, the symmetry looks gorgeous and youll have considerable space to store hair styling products, razors, and so on. Either go with two accompanying mirrors above the sinks or one large mirror to cover both.

An update on the classic his and her bathroom towels, dual sinks are set to become standard luxury bathroom items across the world

Include more greenery

While there are some who like the idea of a living wall, or plant wall, included in their bathroom design, its fair to say that this certainly isnt for everyone. What is great in a bathroom is plants that dont take up so much space but simply add a beautiful dynamic, particularly against white tiles. Devils Ivy plants can thrive in moist, dark areas like bathrooms, and these look beautiful when cascading downward. Put them on a high shelf or hang them from a hook installed in the ceiling or wall.

Make use of the in-shower recess

Sensible, cool, and looking great, in-shower recesses will be all the rage in 2020 and beyond. Its time to move away from stainless steel racks inside the shower, and dont even think about placing all your soaps and shampoos on the floor. An in-shower recess provides a practical shelf of sorts to store all the vital shower items you need and makes a design statement at the same time.

Remember that designing your dream bathroom should be fun task so that you are happy when using the space. These trends should hopefully inspire you to create a luxury bathroom that feels right to you, so design it in a way that is relaxing and comforting to your tastes.

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