Hyfit Has Created an Affordable Smart Home Gym to Keep You Fit During Quarantine


As this quarantine continues to progress, we’re all looking for ways to take care of our minds and bodies. Many of us are stuck at home looking for ways to stay fit and active without gyms, studios or access to our favorite trails in some instances. It’s tough, but thankfully, companies are inventing workout systems designed to be used at home with minimal space, that will still give you the great full-body workout you’re craving. Hyfit Gear is one such brand.

Hyfit Gear is a company founded with the purpose of making smart, portable workout equipment that can be used anywhere. They’ve just launched their first product, the Gear 1, and it’s got some pretty cool features.

Hyfit Gear Photo Hyfit Gear System

The Gear 1 is a smart gym system designed for your home. Your Hyfit Gear system comes with two high performance resistance bands with adjusters, two ergonomic handles, two sets of ankle and wristbands with smart sensors, a door anchor, a carrying bag and a getting started guide.

There are a variety of exercises and movements you can do with the workout system including squats, upper body strength exercises, lunges, pull-ups and lower body toning exercises. The workouts combine aerobic exercise with tension strength training by utilizing the bands.

The equipment includes smart sensors that hook up to Hyfit’s smartphone app for accurate measurement. The app tracks metrics including heart rate, fat burn and calorie burn. It also measures the amount of resistance you’re working against, how many reps you’ve done, the amount of force you’re exerting and how long you’ve been working out.

Hyfit Gear Sensors

The more data the device pulls from your workouts, the more biometric feedback it has to design and deliver personalized workouts to help you better reach your fitness goals.

The app also has a library of full-body guided workouts you can do at any time to add new movements and variety to your daily fitness routine.

All in all, the Hyfit Gear 1 is a fantastic supplement to your old gym membership, and one that can work anywhere in the world, so long as you have a little bit of space.


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