How to Bling out Your Bath in 5 Easy Steps



Is your bathroom looking a little dull? Add some beautiful bath accessories using these five easy steps and your privy will look as shiny as a new penny and be the envy of all your friends. Bling out your bath in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Throw in the Towel

New towel bars, towel racks, and towel rings not only freshen up a bathroom, but they also can prevent damage to walls from wet towels. Anchor the bath hardware to walls, so heavy, wet towels wont ruin your hard work and damage your home. Choose a color and design you love and repeat it throughout the fixtures in your bathroom refresh. Adding these accessories is a quick and easy way to give your bath a facelift and a touch of luxury.

Step 2: Hook the Robe and Corral the Suds

Robes should not be allowed to wander free on your bathroom floor. Install a robe hook on the inside door of your bath to keep your robe handy and add a little style to your bathroom. Add a soap dish and shower curtain rod that match your other hardware updates and youre on your way to a total bathroom makeover.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

Now that youve updated everything but the bathroom sink, just a few more easy touches will make your daily routine a lot less boring and much more inviting. A tumbler and toothbrush holder that matches your new theme will keep oral hygiene handy and a toilet paper holder in a matching style and finish will pull things together.

Step 4: Instilling Some Installation

Now that youve picked out your beautiful, functional, new bathroom fixtures, its time for the installation. With existing hardware already in place, its simply a matter of removing the old pieces and attaching the new. Start by assembling the tools youll need for the job. Every fixture from Kingston Brass comes with clear instructions to guide you through each installation.

Step 5: Final Touches

For extra storage, add a bathroom shelf for towels and other essentials and your updates are complete.
With proper preparation, making these updates can be done in a day and offer a beautiful oasis that youll be proud of and can enjoy for years to come. Get started with a Pinterest board of your favorites from Kingston Brass and bling out your bath!


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