Google Unveils $49 Nest Mini with Better Sound, Dedicated Machine Learning Chip


Small smart speaker, solid improvements
The new Google Nest Mini is announced at the Made By Google event.
You’d be hard-pressed to tell the Nest Mini apart from the 2017 Google Home Mini— one of the best Google Home Speakers to use with Google Assistant. The second-generation device unveiled at this year’s Made By Google event is a replica of its predecessor, with signature curved sides and a fabric-swathed exterior.

Google Nest Mini price

The Nest Mini costs $49, which is the same price as the current Home Mini. The Home Mini already among the best cheap smart home devices available.

The Nest Mini is available for pre-order now. It will start shipping on October 22.

Google Nest Mini design

A wall mount hook on the bottom of the Nest Mini is its most significant physical alteration. The hook allows users to save precious counter space by mounting the smart assistant speaker where they'll need most, like by a front door.

The small smart home speaker also comes in new colors. The original Google Home Mini had charcoal gray, light gray, coral and mint green variants. The Nest Mini is available in light grey, sky and burnt orange hues. The latter two shades match the speaker’s base, too.

The fabric of the Nest Mini speaker is made of 100% recycled materials.

Google Nest Mini audio and upgrades

The Nest Mini packs several upgrades on the inside. It has stronger bass (twice as powerful) and louder, clearer sound. It also has a third mic to hear commands even in loud surroundings. If it senses audio obstacles, it will automatically adjust response volumes to reach your ears.

The Nest Mini comes with a dedicated machine-learning chip, too. It packs 1 TeraOPS of processing power, allowing the device to improve its responses and be a better home assistant.

Google Nest Mini smart features

The Nest Mini packs Google Assistant. You can use your voice to automate your smart home, play music and enhance your household routines.

It also supports a home intercom function, home alert system and phone calls using Google Duo.

Google Nest Mini outlook

The new Nest Mini is a modest-but-welcome evolution of the Google Home Mini. It sports a slightly sharper design, improved audio and the option to mount a smart speaker to a wall. A hands-on review of the Nest Mini is coming soon.

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