For the most part, our days are spent being ordinary


We strive for simplicity and prefer to routines and predictability. But we’re not opposed to weird. And when we’re able to find weird uses for ordinary household items, it’s hard not to smile. And in times like these, a smile is the best medicine.

Here are nine totally weird things you can do with normal household items:


    Use Clear Nail Polish as Glue

Did you know that nail polish can act as a glue? If you’re out of superglue or need a more precise way to secure something, use clear nail polish to brush on some invisible adhesive. It’s ideal for securing loose eyeglass screws or keeping button threads from unraveling on a dress shirt. 


    Use a Makeup Brush to Clean a Keyboard

It’s amazing how much dirt, grime, and crumbs can build up in between the keys of your computer keyboard. A makeup brush can be used to sweep out small dust and particles, leaving a pristine surface behind.


    Debit Cards as Air Bubble Removers

Have you ever applied one of those screen protectors over a smartphone or tablet and been unable to get all of the tiny air bubbles out? Debit cards make for great squeegees. Simply apply pressure – sliding the card from one end to the other. Watch as it pushes the air bubbles out and leaves a smooth, clean surface. (You can also use this trick when applying window tint on a car.)

    Use Soda Can Tabs for Picture Hanging

Need a way to hang a picture on a wall, but only have screws and nails? Flip over your picture frame and screw a soda can tab to the top. The tab will serve as a hook, which will fit over the nail in the wall. Nobody will ever know!


    Vodka as Mouthwash

Ever wanted to make your own mouthwash? All you need is a cheap vodka combined with a few drops of spearmint, cinnamon, or tea tree oil. Let it sit for a few weeks and you have a high-powered mouthwash with some extra bite. (Just make sure you spit in the sink after you rinse!)


    Sand Slippery Soles

Have you ever owned a pair of shoes with slick soles? If so, you know the embarrassment and peril of walking down the stairs or making a sudden pivot. But there’s no reason to toss these shoes in the trash. Simply grab a sheet of sandpaper and rub down the soles a bit. This roughens up the surface and gives you greater traction. No more falls!

    Turn a Water Bottle Into a Sprinkler

Think twice before tossing your plastic water bottle into the recycling bin. If you have a garden or flowerbed that needs regular watering, you can turn this bottle into a makeshift sprinkler head. Just punch some small holes in the bottle, secure a garden hose to the mouth of the bottle, and turn it on. Now you can keep your plants hydrated from a distance.


    Use a Rubber Band as a Latch Stopper

Tired of waking up the baby with a noisy door latch? Double up a rubber band and hook it to the doorknobs on either side of the door. The band will depress the latch and keep it from making noise when you open. (It also allows you to open the door without having to turn the knob.)


    Use an Eraser as an Earring Back

How frustrating is it to lose the backing to one of your favorite pairs of earrings? Well, don’t fret. All you need is a pencil eraser. Just affix it to the back of your ear and thread the earring through. Nobody will be any the wiser!


What Weird Uses Can You Discover?

This list is just inspiration. If anything, it should help you look at everyday items in a new light. That cup sitting on your desk – can you find three new uses for it? What about that roll of duct tape in the garage? Or the fork in the drawer?

Weird uses for ordinary items are all around you. It’s time to jump-start your imagination and rediscover your curiosity. When you stop looking at things through a traditional lens, good things are bound to happen. 

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