Do you know which garage storage ideas will work best for your space and needs? These more than 50 organizing tips, ideas and products will help you create an organized garage that will meet your unique needs and space.


You deserve to have a garage that works for you, not one that you dread entering. When your garage is organized and maximized with handy garage storage ideas, it is a safer space, a space that makes your tasks easier and makes your days less stressful.
Garage Storage Ideas
Be sure that before you begin organizing your garage, you check out these important tips on how to declutter a messy garage.

You can design your own garage storage with Easy Garage Storage. You can create storage combined with work space to exactly meet your unique needs and space.
Create Zones of Use
Set up zones in your garage that have specific purposes. Common garage storage zones are:
Tools Lawn Tools Sporting Gear Bikes, Scooters, etc. Potting and Gardening Backstock Storage
Place all items that belong together for a purpose in that zone. This way you know exactly where to go to find items you need in your garage. No more digging through box after box trying to locate one specific item that you can’t find.
Place Items by Daily, Weekly, Seasonal or Seldom Use
Organize items in your garage so that the ones you use most often are the easiest to access.

When you decluttered your garage, you grouped items into daily weekly, seasonal and seldom use categories. Once you’ve identified the items you use more often, then you can begin to organize them and store them in easier-to-access parts of your garage.

For example, place umbrellas, backpacks and shoes close to the door where you enter and exit the house. This way the items are always easy to find and access.

You will store seasonal and seldom use items on high shelves or more out-of-the-way storage since you don’t need to access these items as often.

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Use Vertical Space
Use the design tool on the EasyGarageStorage website to design your own garage storage. Or, if you prefer, you can have them design your garage storage for you. Create the perfect garage for your unique needs and your unique garage space so that you know it will work perfectly for you before you even install it.

The floor space in your garage is premium space – don’t waste it with cluttered items stored on the floor. Instead take advantage of all the vertical space on the walls to get items up and off the floor. This is your secret weapon when it comes to garage storage ideas.
Common Garage Vertical Storage Ideas Long-Handled Tools Ladders Bikes Golf Clubs Sporting Goods Hand-Tools Shelves Metal Pegboard Set Slat Wall and Hook Set Wall-Mounted Bin Storage Set Use Overhead Garage Storage
Seasonal use items and seldom use items are perfect candidates for overhead garage storage. For example, if you store your outdoor holiday decorations on overhead storage, you’re taking advantage of the storage space on the ceiling. You only need to get to your decorations twice a year, once to get them down and once to put them away. The rest of the year, those items are conveniently up and out of the way.
Use Open Storage
Your garage storage can make it easy to access items that you use frequently by using open storage bins. Open bins make it easier to find what you want when you need it and open bins make it a snap to put items away. The bins keep loose items contained and organized.

You can use repurposed items like this wood crate and unused flower pots for open storage.

You can also use open plastic bins for easy-to-clean and sturdy open garage storage bins. This is the perfect opportunity to repurpose bins that have lost lids or plastic drawers from storage units that have broken or are no longer needed.
Use Closed Storage
There are many situations when closed storage makes more sense. Two common reasons are to keep the contents clean and pest-free and to be able to stack bins on top of each other.
Clear Storage Bins Heavy Duty Storage Bins Heavy Duty Wheeled Storage Bins Store Chemicals So They Won’t Drip or Spill
It’s important to store chemicals that could drip or leak where they won’t damage other items stored in your garage. If you don’t have small children or pets, you can store these items on a bottom shelf. If you’re concerned about safety for children or pets, you can store chemicals in a plastic or metal bin and on a shelf that is out-of-reach.
Acrylic Tray Open Storage Bin Boot Mat Storage Tray Use Every Inch for Storage
Look at all areas for garage storage ideas. For example, this garage has an unused door. The door will never be used, so it made sense to hang the ladder in front of the door. The sunlight still comes into the garage and this otherwise wasted space has been put to use. A ladder hanger can be used to hang many items on the wall in out-of-the-way spaces.

When your garage is neatly organized, your entrance and exit from your home each day is so much less stressful. Take back your garage and make all that space work for you and your garage goals.

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