Blogtober Day 14: Creating a first aid kit at home


Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, or businesses/stores.  As part of organising our home, we've reached organising an actual first aid kit (as opposed to knowing there are plasters in the kitchen drawer somewhere lol) and thought I'd share the process.  I hope it's helpful x 

Hi Honeys, 

How are you today? Jade and I have had a quiet day, watching home organisation videos on youtube and mostly napping (our furbaby Jade that is💖)  We're just chilling till we can make a start on dinner later.  Salad and pasta tonight.  Not an exciting day but lovely all the same, I hope yours is lovely too dear ones.💗 

Today I thought I'd share our latest little project in trying to create some order out of the chaos that is our wee home.😊  As I said in my disclaimer above, as part of our continued efforts to organise, we thought it might be good to have an actual first aid kit.  With everything kept in a designated place, all together, instead of maybe having a pack of plasters and half a bandage in a kitchen drawer lol.😊  

Creating a first aid kit for the home

There is, again, a lot of photos in this post honeys. Why not go grab a cuppa, and a cookie (or maybe two 🍪😊) I will too, and we can meet back here, after the page break.  See you in a few minutes dear ones x

Hello again honeys, do you have your cuppa?☕  Cool, me too.  Let's take a look at how we managed to finally put together an actual, grown-up, first aid kit, to be given a permanent place in the kitchen.  You know, so we know exactly where everything is, if it's ever needed. 

Settle back honeys, put your feet up and get comfortable, and let's get started then x

Finding first aid kit supplies and a snazzy bag to store them in...  

I've been outside five times in the past twenty months honeys.  My mobility is terrible now, I'm still hanging onto the furniture, the walls (and Hubby x) to get around our home, so I owe Amazon (a lot) for being my personal shopper for the past eighteen months or so 😊 

Off to Amazon I went then and found these...

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

The green package is, of course, a little first aid bag...

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies, I had a very pleasant surprise with the first aid bag I choose..

I'm genuinely very impressed with this bag.  I'd spent some time (well two whole afternoons 😊) looking at so many bags listed online, and this one seemed a decent size. 

When it arrived I was surprised to find out exactly how roomy it is inside.  It has lots of inside pockets, including two large pockets (one on each side) which zip all the way across...  

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies, I had a very pleasant surprise with the first aid bag I choose.

Having sourced a bag, I wanted to order fresh supplies for it.  We already have a small-ish first aid kit, but it's more of a small pouch with assorted plasters in it really, so, new supplies it was.  This was a new bag I was setting up after all and first aid supplies do have a "shelf life"

Again, far two long spent reading through items descriptions and eventually I settled for this "refill" kit. These kits are designed to completely change out a workplace first aid kit.  This keeps the kit's contents within their "shelf life" - the kit I had delivered has a shelf life of late 2026 on it's packages of bandages etc.   

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

The kit I choose is supposed to satisfy health and safety requirements for 1-10 people.  It was the smallest size kit I'd seen and I thought might be a good choice to create a base for our first aid kit, with other items being added to personalise it to us. 

As it turns out, it was a perfect choice and there was more than enough room in the bag too, which appears to be the TARDIS of first aid bags and holds way more than I thought it might. 

Included in the 1-10 person kit were the following contents:

2 x large bandages 18 x 18cm

6 x medium bandages (12 x 12cm)

2 x triangular bandages (90 x 90 x 127cm)

2 x eye dressings 

1 pack of 20 x hypoallergenic wash-proof plasters

3 x packs of 1 pair of vinyl gloves 

6 x alcohol free moist wipes 

1 pack with 10 small safety pins

Also included was a four page leaflet/booklet (one sheet that's printed on both sides) of basic first aid advice.  It look like this...

Creating a first aid kit for the home - a first aid leaflet/booklet was included with the set.

I initially added all of the items included in the pack (including the information leaflet/booklet) into the bag.  There was still lots of room left in the bag...
Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

Next I added some other items Hubby had picked up when he collected our shopping at the weekend, and a random new tube of Savlon antiseptic cream.  

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

Then I went to the cupboard under the kitchen sink, where we have two boxes of these Clinell wipes.  They're individually wrapped and I thought, since this is the make of hand sanitiser I've seen in the hospital, they'll do for our first aid set.  I added a small handful to the first aid bag... 

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

This small bundle of items were gathered from around our home.  The finger protector, eye wash cup and tweezers were actually in the small first aid pouch with the plasters collection.
Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

These items were all added to the bag and as you can see, this little first aid bag is actually quite awesome.  Look how much it holds...

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

Even with all of these supplies added, our new first aid kit won't take up too much space..  

Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies.

We'd already decided it was going to find it's home in the large cupboard in the kitchen, next to the back door. It seems like the perfect place for it.   

While searching for supplies I had spotted this cool little product.  It will make it so much easier to never lose track of our new first aid kit..
Creating a first aid kit for the home - ordering supplies, this handy bracket will give our first aid bag a designated home.

It's a little bracket that gets screwed into the wall, the bag is then hung on the hook by it's handle.   

Also included, are some products that won't live inside the bag itself, but are good to have to hand anyway. These include:

  • I'm never without a large bottle of TCP antiseptic liquid in the house. It's been worth it's weight in gold over the years, including very recently when I've had a blister develop at the side of my big toe, due to an ingrowing toenail (ouchie) Honestly, wouldn't be without it. 
  • Sudocrem - This is a great antiseptic cream honeys, it can be used on fur babies as well (don't let them lick it off though 💖
  • Calamine lotion helps to ease itching, a blessing when little ones have measles or chickenpox.
  • Aloe vera gel has so many uses and a small tub of Vaseline is perfect to protect lips on cold, winter days.  
These items will live in the bathroom, either on a shelf or in the cabinet. 

We still have to buy a small pair of scissors to keep in the first aid bag, we did have a small pair but can't find them.  Since we've put together a new kit, might be better with a new pair. They're not expensive.    

So, that's it honeys, what do you think?  Have we missed anything?  I'd love suggestions.  I'll leave you links to some of these products in case you're curious. 


I found a useful page called "what should I keep in my first aid kit" from the NHS, you can find it here honeys.

The first aid bag is, as I said honeys, really good quality, and I thought it was a bargain (at £4.72) it can be found here 

The first aid pack of supplies, can be found here and cost £5.

I bought the little wall bracket, as a home for the first aid kit, from St John's Ambulance Service from their Amazon store.  You can find it here honeys, it was £1.56.

Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

Hugs always, Rosie xx

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