21 Ways to Use Christmas Ball for Your Home Decor


There are many ways to use Christmas balls for your Christmas home decorations. They make wonderful ornaments and can be framed for a unique look. They can also be used as writing instruments and can be hung on the mantel. If you’re not sure how to display them, here are a few ideas. Regardless of their color or design, these decorations are sure to bring cheer to any room!

Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas is synonymous togetherness. The day is usually filled with getting together either to eat or just gather in the family room. It’s important to decorate the gathering place as attractive as possible. For example, think of a table decoration with an attractive centerpiece. You can use a large bowl or tray as the container. In addition to filling containers with seasonal items, you can add Christmas balls for a more festive and elegant look.


The string of Christmas balls combined with vines leaves will become a centerpiece design that can be used to decorate your dining table this year to make it look more unique and different. Choose and use Christmas balls with a variety of different colors and sizes, you can also put candles together in this centerpiece area. Christmas ball combination with leaves vines centerpiece from mydesiredhome.


Don’t let the surface of your dining table appear plain and boring, now you can use a DIY box centerpiece design that is easy to make. Start filling this wooden box with colorful Christmas balls and miniature pine trees that are almost the same height. The red ribbon makes a sweet finishing touch and can be copied right now. DIY box centerpiece filled with Christmas balls from mydesiredhome.

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Gold and silver Christmas balls are luxurious ornament ideas that you can apply on the dining table to be used as centerpiece decorations with stainless steel tray containers so they are not scattered everywhere. Not only Christmas balls but you can also add some candle sticks as warm lighting which is perfect for winter this year. Silver and gold Christmas ball centerpiece from bhg.

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Choose and use two different colors of Christmas balls to be used as centerpiece decorations on the dining table, green and white being a color combination that can work well together without producing a tacky room feel. In addition to Christmas balls, you can also combine them with greenery and tiered candle sticks for a more vintage look. Greenery and Christmas ball centerpiece from bhg.

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A white ceramic plate filled with Christmas balls and pine leaves can be used as a centerpiece design that can be used as the focal point of the room because it has a bolder color. Red Christmas balls can be stacked on a plate as neat and beautiful as possible. Bold color Christmas ball centerpiece from bhg.

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When you have a transparent glass container that is not in use, then you can use it as a centerpiece decoration that can be filled with a variety of shiny Christmas ball colors. You can put it on an open shelf made of wood and iron. Other ornaments that can be used are miniature Christmas trees and wreaths. Christmas ball glass jar as centerpiece decoration from bhg.


Wreath can’t be separated from Christmas decorations. This ornament comes in various types and materials. One of material that you can use to make these wreath is Christmas balls. The colorul balls can make your home looks more festive. You can make this Christmas ball wreath by yourself. It surely can save your budget.


So that you don’t buy too many Christmas balls, then try combining the Christmas ball wreath design with pinecones and greenery ornaments that are wrapped together using a rope or thread that is not visible from the front. After everything is installed, you can hang it anywhere according to your room decoration needs. Christmas ball wreath design with pinecones from digsdigs.


Choose and use colorful Christmas balls to make a wreath design that can be installed above the fireplace. The green background makes this wreath decoration look more contrasting and of course it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room and very easy to make. Pine leaves and Christmas balls under the wreath are additional decorations that can be easily obtained. Colorful Christmas ball wreath from digsdigs.


This easy brown fabric twist will make a DIY wreath when you complete it by hanging some shiny gold Christmas balls, a touch of green leaves and dry twigs hanging together. This DIY wreath looks more vintage when used as a wall decoration and combined with a fairly large stone candle holder. Vintage style Christmas ball centerpiece from mydesiredhome.


A Christmas ball is one of the most popular decorations for the holiday season, so you can make your home looks festive with this ornaments. You can use these balls to make a garland. If you’re on a budget, you can make your own Christmas ball garland. Using a few colored balls can be a great way to make an inexpensive garland but looks festive. You can install the Christmas ball garland above the door, stairs, or your fireplace.


The series of Christmas balls and pine leaves that you make as a garland design can be installed and hung anywhere according to the needs of the room decoration, the white flowers in this garland design make it look more beautiful. Now you can apply it to a plain white wall. Ornament pinecones are additional decorations that are very easy to find. Christmas ball garland from digsdigs.


To welcome winter this year, you can use garlands to decorate the walls along your stairs. The garland in this room is made of two different materials, shiny Christmas balls and pine leaves are a combination that can be assembled together. Finish off this garland look with a flowing red ribbon. Christmas ball garland ending with red ribbon from digsdigs.


You can choose one type of Christmas ball color to assemble into a garland that can be hung in the wooden cabinet area as a decoration and can instantly liven up the room. Making this garland is quite easy, you can string it using rope or thread so that it can be neatly arranged and ready to be installed in any room to welcome winter. Red Christmas ball garland from digsdigs.


Don’t let your stairs holder appear plain and boring, now you can decorate it with a DIY garland made of pine leaves that is perfected with Christmas ball ornaments and frosted pinecones that can be hung on the outer surface. String light is a lighting idea that you can try, this light will help illuminate your stairs at night. Greenery garland with Christmas ball ornament holder ladder from digsdigs.

To Beautify the Christmas Tree

You can also use a Christmas ball for your home decor. A homemade Christmas tree is a great way to add a festive feel to your home. You can decorate it with a sphere and bells, and you can decorate it with ribbons and other holiday decorations. A mini tree is another great way to use a beautiful Christmas ball for your home. If you’d like to make a more intricate one, you can spray paint it with colorful craft paint and attach it to the base.


This miniature Christmas tree decorated with small Christmas balls becomes a decoration or ornament that you can place on the coffee table for a more colorful look. Because it has a very small size, you can put this miniature Christmas tree in a ceramic cup that is placed simultaneously on a plate. Miniature Christmas tree with colorful balls from bhg.


When you have a white Christmas tree, you can decorate it with colorful Christmas balls that are hung together with snowflakes and small reindeer ornaments. In addition to the Christmas tree, you can also complete it with some gifts that will enliven guests and family who come to the house. White Christmas tree with colorful ball ornament from housebeautiful.


The blue color applied to this Christmas tree design gives a cool effect that is suitable for winter decorations this year. You can apply this color to a frosted pine tree design that is perfected with some hanging Christmas ball ornaments and gifts underneath. Ribbons are an elegant and cute addition to decoration. Blue Christmas tree with hanging ball ornament from housebeautiful.


If you have a home decoration with limited space, then you can put a Christmas tree in the corner of the room, you can also decorate it with Ombre Christmas balls of various sizes and hang it on the outer surface of the Christmas tree. Greenery is an additional material that is very easy to find in your backyard garden. Christmas ball Ombre ornament from housebeautiful.


This Christmas tree design which is dominated by frosted pine leaves can be completed with the use of dark blue Christmas ribbons and balls. You can put this pine tree in an area that is often reached by your guests or family to make it a beautiful room view and suitable for winter decoration. Pine leaf frosted Christmas tree with blue Christmas balls from housebeautiful.

Ceiling and Window Decorations

The best way to use a Christmas ball for your home decor is to hang it from the ceiling or hang them on the window. It can create a festive look. To make a simple and effective Christmas ball, you can spray paint them white and then wrap a thin ribbon around it. Then, simply thread the ornament hook through a hole in the top. You can use yarns or colorful ribbons. Then, hang them from your ceiling or a nearby window.


Decorate the ceiling in your dining table area with hanging strings of Christmas balls that are perfected with string lights so that they can be lighting at the same time. You can choose this Christmas ball with a splash of white to match the winter theme you are currently applying. Green plants are a combination of materials that can be used simultaneously. Hanging Christmas balls on the dining table from digsdigs.


Decorate your window decorations with a wooden frame that is perfected with a cross of various colored Christmas balls. Repaint this part of the frame with green to make it look more contrast and of course a fun room decoration. Hang the Christmas ball frame using a green ribbon that is beautiful and easy to get at the nearest store or you can also buy it online. Christmas ball frames as window decorations from digsdigs.


The design of this Christmas ball string and snowflake ornament with an angry maroon color can be used as a glass window decoration to replace the function of the curtain in winter. You can use white rope for a better fit. In addition to Christmas balls and snowflakes, you can also add star ornaments as a sweet final touch. Christmas ball combination with snowflake window decoration from digsdigs.

As the Christmas ornaments, you can do more Christmas decorations with Christmas balls. Those are some ways to use Christmas ball for your home decor. Hopefully will inspire you.

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