2019 ALL WNY AWARDS: Full list of winners


BenJuchniewicz of Scarecrow Show accepts the Best Drummer award during the 2019 All WNY Awards broadcast on behalf of his brother Jon. Ben also took home his own award for Best Bassist. Leading the broadcast are ThinkSoJoe Kent, left, and Ryan Gurnett, center.


The 2019 All WNY Awards are in the books following a live broadcast on All WNY Radio and All WNY's YouTube channel Sunday night. Awards were presented in 20 categories, as follows:

Best New Band
First Place) Michael DeLano
Honorable Mention) Muddle
Honorable Mention) In The Shadow of Giants

Best Live Band
1) Mom Said No
HM) Scarecrow Show
HM) DredNeks

Best Rock Band
1) Scarecrow Show
HM) Witty Tarbox
HM) Grosh

Best Punk/Pop-Punk Band
1) Mom Said No
HM) Muddle
HM) Eleni and the Uprising

Best Hardcore/Metal Band
1) DredNeks
HM) Nuclear Winter
HM) Coffin Hook

Best Folk/Acoustic Band
1) PA Line
HM) Over & Out
HM) Folk Faces

Best Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
1) Jay Aquarious
HM) Curtis Lovell
HM) Type Relevant

Best "Other" Band
1) Michael DeLano
HM) Funktional Flow
HM) Digital Afterlife

Most Original Band/Artist
1) Witty Tarbox
HM) Over & Out

Best Local Song
1) "Pigeons" by Sheridan
HM) The Witch by The Scarecrow Show
HM) Dream by Stress Dolls

Best Local Release (EP or Album)
1) "Origins of Schmitty" by Witty Tarbox
HM) "The Scarecrow" by The Scarecrow Show
HM) "Whether or Not You Know" by Grosh

Best Vocalist
1) Jenn DeSantis
HM) Maggie DeWitt (Muddle)
HM) Grant Emeigh (DredNeks)

Best Guitarist
1) Grace Lougen (Grosh)
HM) Joe Lamoureux (Nuclear Winter)
HM) Vincent Lema (Scarecrow Show)

Best Bassist
1) Ben Juchniewicz (Scarecrow Show)
HM) Cody Tarbox (Witty Tarbox)
HM) Matt Ruhl (Insoluble)

Best Drummer
1) Jon Juchniewicz (Scarecrow Show / DredNeks)
HM) Ethan Childs (Muddle)
HM) Josh English (Grosh)

Best Other Instrumentalist
1) Seth Bykowski (Sax) (Witty Tarbox)
HM) Sally Schaefer (Over & Out)
HM) Grant Emeigh (DredNeks) (Washboard)

Best Venue
1) Mohawk Place
HM) Town Ballroom
HM) IronWorks

Best Door Person
1) Dereck Hamilton (Nietzsches)
HM) Ryan Cragg (Tudor Lounge)
HM) Greg Burt (FTMP Events)

Best Sound Person
1) Griffin Brady (Buffalo Iron Works)
HM) Ryan Bress (Town Ballroom)
HM) David Guilford (Nietzsche's)

Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award
1) Sara Elizabeth
HM) Ryan Gurnett
HM) Meredith Snow

To see the certificates for each award, click the award title.

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