10 Ways To Organize Your Bathroom Without Drawers Or Cabinets


Looking for creative ways to organize your bathroom without a storage space? You’re lucky today because we got you covered! It’s true that without drawers and cabinets, keeping your stuff can be a little tricky. But, before giving up on the thought that you can’t organize things in the bathroom, there are many ways you can do to arrange them.

With just a few techniques and other tools at home, you’ll be successful in getting everything in place. Smaller things like toothbrushes and toothpaste won’t get in the way anymore or will be easily accessible for you.

For the larger things, you can arrange them in a corner where you can place smaller stuff in or on top of them. All you need to get things done are your patience, time, effort, and creativity.

To know how you can perfectly organize your bathroom stuff, here are several strategies you can follow.

Ways To Organize Bathroom Without Drawers

Use Hanging Baskets to Store Toilet Paper and Towels

Wall Hanging Storage Baskets - Small Cotton Rope Woven Closet Storage Bins-Shelf Basket Organizer for Plants, Towels,Toys - 6.3
Wall-hanging basket (Image: Amazon)

Hanging baskets on the wall may not be a new idea anymore, but they are a great way to store towels and toilet paper. If you have unused nooks at home, they are the perfect item to use as baskets.

Clean them first and then add art to them if you want, like sticking ribbons and plastic flowers to them. Attach hooks to the bathroom wall so you can hang these baskets. 

Arrange them vertically on the wall. If you want to give each family member their own basket for their towels, you can add more nooks on the wall.

You should separate the toilet paper from the towels. 

Place Perfumes on a DIY Stand

Botides Diamond Cosmetic Storage Box Transparent Acrylic Swivel Shelf Desktop Skin Care Product Dresser Finishing
Cosmetic stand (Image: Amazon)

Perfumes placed anywhere in the bathroom? Organize those in one place with this DIY perfume stand.

You only need two materials for this: a pillar candle holder and a flat plate. Simply attach the candle holder to the center back of the plate using glue and let it dry.

Just make sure to use a plate with a classy design, so you’re always in style. You can even place your lotion, sunscreen, and other body protection and cleaning items on the DIY stand.    

If you think this idea works better for your other stuff, you can make as many as you like and group items according to their uses. 

Keep Hair Styling Equipment in a File Box 


mDesign Metal Wire Cabinet/Wall Mount Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer - Bathroom Storage Basket for Hair Dryer, Flat Iron, Curling Wand, Hair Straightener, Brushes - Holds Hot Tools - Bronze
Hairstyling tools organizer (Image: Amazon)

Hairstyling equipment like a flat iron and blower are bulky and have long cords that easily get tangled. They are also dangerous for other bathroom items when they are still hot after use. 

To keep them isolated from other materials, store them in a file box. Attach the box to the wall with hooks and then fold the cords of each hair styling item, so they don’t get tangled.

You can place the box near the bathroom mirror, so whenever you style your hair, it’s easy for you to grab them. If you don’t like to attach the box on the wall, you can place it on a corner of the bathroom.

Make a Mason Jar Organizer

Jarden Ball Regular Mouth 16-Ounces Mason Jar with Lid and Band (1-Unit)
Mason jar (Image: Amazon)

Have a lot of mason jars at home? Don’t throw them away because you can recycle them!

What you need to do is attach wood to the wall, the point in your bathroom where you will place the organizer. To hold the jars, use worm gear hose clamps and attach them to the wood. 

You can place any bathroom essential in the jars, from makeup items to cotton balls. You can even place flowers with water in them to add a decorative value to your bathroom. 

To beef up your decoration, you can paint the jars plain or with glitters. The choice is yours. If you’re not a DIY person, you can find similar holders here on Amazon or this one on

Recycle an Old Ladder To Hang Towels

mDesign Metal Free Standing Bath Towel Bar Storage Ladder - Holds Towels, Blankets, Clothes and Magazines/Newspapers - 5 Levels
Towel ladder (Image: Amazon)

Got an old ladder lying around your backyard? Recycle it by making the ladder as a towel hanger.

First, make sure the ladder is still in good condition before leaning it against the wall. Clean and then repaint the ladder to make it look more presentable.

You can paint it white or with the color that matches your bathroom. Choose a good spot in your bathroom where you can place the ladder. 

The higher the ladder you’ll have, the more towels you can hang in your bathroom. You can even attach hooks on the side rail to hang other things.

Install Floating Shelves on the Wall

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom,Set of 2 Brown
Floating shelves (Image: Amazon)

Floating shelves are common in many interior designs because they are useful in organizing things. Install vertical floating shelves on the bathroom wall and feel free to place anything on it.

Aside from keeping stuff, the shelves can also add height and dimension to the bathroom. Make sure to use baskets, trays, or bins to keep your stuff, so they look organized on the shelves.

Two horizontal floating shelves in the bathroom are ideal, but if you think you have a lot of items, you can add one more. Place a flower vase on one of the shelves to add more decorative value to your bathroom.

Utilize a Rolling Cart to Keep Bathroom Essentials 

MICOE 4-Tier Utility Cart Mesh Rolling Storage CartKitchen Storage Cart on Wheels Steel Utility Serving Rack with Wheels for Kitchen Office Bedroom Bathroom Washroom H-LWCT4001
Rolling cart (Image: Amazon)

You don’t have to worry about having an under-sink cabinet because you can utilize a rolling cart like this one as an alternative. The rolling cart usually has three layers, so you can group things according to how you use them.

Another benefit the rolling cart provides is it can be easily moved around the bathroom. So, whenever you decide to change its location, you can effortlessly do so. 

You can place dry folded towels on the bottom layer, soaps and shampoo at the center, and then cotton balls and hand sanitizer at the top. You can even place a flower vase for some decoration.

Attach a Hanging Plastic Shoe Organizer at the Back of the Bathroom Door

Smart Design Over-The-Door Organizer w/ 42 Pockets w/ Elastic Trim & Steel Hooks - VentilAir Mesh Fabric - for Shoes, Toiletries, & Misc. Item - Home Organization (21 x 73 Inch) (Natural Canvas)
Over-The-Door Organizer For Toiletries (Image: Amazon)

The back of your bathroom door is a perfect spot to keep things, especially the smaller and lighter ones. The key material for this idea is a shoe organizer like this one.

Install a hook at the back of your bathroom door, hang a hanger on it, and then hang the shoe organizer on the hanger. But, there are other types of shoe organizer with hooks, so you can also opt for it, too.

The great benefit of a shoe organizer is that it provides many storage spaces for your many stuff. You can arrange your makeup kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair tie and cap, and others in the organizer. 

Make sure to stick the bottom of the organizer to the door, so it doesn’t move when you open and close the door.

Recycle Old Plastic Bottles

If you have a lot of old plastic bottles at home, make use of them by making them a bathroom essentials container. 

Gather all the plastic bottles you have and then thoroughly clean them. Cut the bottles according to your desired length. 

Iron the tip of the bottle to smoothen the edges. Arrange them on your shelves as they serve as little storage pots. 

Feel free to decorate the plastic bottles to add more art. You can even use them as pots for your flowering plants for additional bathroom décor. 

The bottles can also hold your cellphone while inside the bathroom. 

Keep Makeup Items on a Magnet Board

HBlife Makeup Organizer 3 Pieces Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Drawers and Jewelry Display Box
Makeup organizer (Image: Amazon)

You don’t have to purchase a makeup bag or pouch if you don’t have any at home because you can get creative in organizing it. Make use of your unused or old large frame and paint it with a different color.

Attach metal to the frame, making sure it fits in there and stick fabric to the metal. The fabric’s color and design should complement the color of the frame’s paint. 

Purchase some magnets, enough for each of your makeup items. Glue a magnet at the back of each item and let it dry so you can easily stick the items on the board.


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